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3:3 Viero

3:3 Viero Site Sottomarina, Venice, Italy Date May 09-17, 2015 Host Cayo Blanco After two editions held...


3:3 Viero

Site Sottomarina, Venice, Italy
Date May 09-17, 2015
Host Cayo Blanco

After two editions held in Trentino, Camposaz relocated briefly to the Adriatic coast of Chioggia, in the province of Venice, 9 to 17 May 2015. Within a week, participants from Italy, Holland, Lebanon, England and Belarus, designed and built two wooden items, using the thematic suggestions provided by organisers and by developing an environmentally friendly approach to design and construction, while being considerate to the surrounding environment. In previous editions Camposaz has dealt with alpine communities, while the workshop held in Chioggia was rooted in the infrastructure of beach resorts. The design of structures on sand posed the designers with complex questions such as modularity, disassembly and removability. Viero is a modular system consisting of four totems each formed of three pre-assembled pieces. Each totem has a dual function. If positioned vertically it is a wide seat containing an intimate space inside where as if placed horizontally the totem becomes a chaise longue with a seat revealed beneath the base. Viero can be configured in many formations. The four totems can be placed horizontally, forming a closed centre from the bases with four chaise longue on the sides. They can be placed vertically together as a single sculptural element or they can be spaced apart a little from each other creating seating on the outside and a private lounge on the inside. Having been designed for the beach resort “Cayo Blanco”, which regularly holds beach parties, the structure acts as a landmark when illuminated in the dark.


Dmitry Belyakovich, Emanuele Biscaro, Nicola Bonaldo, Nicola Bove, Luca d’Anna, Angela Guastaferro, Tatiana Levitskaya, Merle van Marissing, Dana Mazraani, Aliaksandr Shypilau, Marco Spinelli, Maristella Trovanelli.


Luca Brombo, Caterina Boscolo, Claudia Boscolo, Daniele Cappelletti, Enrico Varagnolo, Ottavia Manzo, Oliver Savorani, Giovanni Wegher.


Claudio Moz

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Cayo Blanco, Promo Italia, Chioggia+.


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Cayo Blanco