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3:3 Desigon

3:3 Desigon Site Sottomarina, Venice, Italy Date May 09-17, 2015 Host Bagni Lungomare In previous editions Camposaz...


3:3 Desigon

Site Sottomarina, Venice, Italy
Date May 09-17, 2015
Host Bagni Lungomare

In previous editions Camposaz has dealt with alpine communities, while the workshop held in Chioggia was rooted in the infrastructure of beach resorts. The design of structures on sand posed the designers with complex questions such as modularity, disassembly and removability.
The space that Desigon was asked to address was the buffer zone between the built amenities of the beach and the area in which the bathing equipment is stored. The use of this area is ambiguous with it being neither part of the built amenities nor fully on the beach meaning that it mainly serves as a thoroughfare between the two. The observation of this and the intention to enhance this space was the main aim for the design. This aim was achieved by combining simplified beach furniture with a clever modular system.
Five elements of beach furniture were reinterpreted: the empty space, the platform, the deck, the bench, and the pergola. The simple use of materials and construction systems used combined with the clean lines and equal proportions makes each piece of Desigon fit perfectly together. Herein lies the strength of the Desigon system where it can be pieced together in any formation to create a single independent platform or clusters relating to each other.
The hexagonal shape, which is a basic aspect of the design, is at the same time a modular figure, which allows infinite configurations, and a conceptual alternative to the orthogonal grid layout that can be found in all the Adriatic beaches.


Dmitry Belyakovich, Emanuele Biscaro, Nicola Bonaldo, Nicola Bove, Luca d’Anna, Angela Guastaferro, Tatiana Levitskaya, Merle van Marissing, Dana Mazraani, Aliaksandr Shypilau, Marco Spinelli, Maristella Trovanelli.


Valeria Zamboni, Massimo Peota, Alessandro Busana, Mariella Gentile.


Claudio Moz

Thanks to

Bagni Lungomare, Promo Italia, Chioggia+


Riccardo Ciriello

well done guys!