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camposaz ass. cult.


Camposaz is a wood self-construction workshop in 1:1 scale. It started in 2013 as an initiative stemming from the collaboration between the cultural associations Aguaz and Campomarzio, with the ambition to promote interaction between disciplines and practitioners dealing with architectural design.

The workshop is open to young and curious students, architects, designers, and carpenters. During the workshop, living in close contact, they have to design and physically construct small wood installations, based on specific themes, aiming at enhancing the landscape.

The team is usually formed by 10 to 12 participants led by tutors and by local carpenters who can assist the construction process.

The built project is site-specific and it can change according to the conditions in which it is going to be realized. An important aspect of the workshop is the human scale, conceived as the specific scale in which the 1:1 model is implemented within the construction site. Our own body and our manual work should be considered expressive and measuring tools. During the workshop design and construction are tight processes and proceed in parallel.

The aim of the initiative is to condense in a unique experience immaterial and material aspects of the construction process, enhancing the entire creative process. Knowledge sharing and adaptability are necessary conditions for a successful result. Camposaz is an open platform without hierarchies and fixed roles: it is an open-source initiative in which everyone can bring his own contribution in the development of a process that has no pre-established direction.

In this sense, Camposaz promotes different points of view and new design approaches in problematic urban locations, with the intention to develop a sort of “instinctive architecture” with no prejudices and with a lot of collaborative improvisation.


Alessandro Betta, Massimiliano Piffer, Valentina Comuzzi, Sara Belleri, Oliver Savorani, Irene Terenzi, Tatiana Levitskaya, Tommaso Benassi


Andrea Simon, Luca Brombo, Mariella Gentile, Valeria Zamboni, Alessandro Busana, Daniele Cappelletti, Giovanni Wegher, Claudio Moz

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camposaz ass. cult.

camposaz ass. cult. self-construction workshop in 1:1 scale