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28:28 Le “Lavatrici”

28:28 Genova, "Le Lavatrici" Site Genoa, Italy Date 17-26 June, 2022 Host Genoa, le "Lavatrici" ARTETRA...


28:28 Genova, “Le Lavatrici”

Site Genoa, Italy
Date 17-26 June, 2022
Host Genoa, le "Lavatrici"

ARTETRA is an art laboratory in the San Pietro district of Genoa, a project co-financed by the European Union, which aims to regenerate the spaces of neighbourhood through art by involving young people who are facing situations of family and social hardship. 

Together with Linkinart, we decided to use our wood approach along with plenty of bright colours (by @VecomGenova) to enhance the regeneration project that is focused on a new flexible gathering spot in the open-air. 


For Genoa, the sea has always played a crucial role for its people, bringing together food, culture, and joy. Therefore, the project is positioned on the middle terrace in order to join the two main residential complexes. The design idea landed upon bringing up the sea to the hill to meet with a new shared “Lido”. By means of squared modular platforms, a colorful line is drawn. Along the way, a few sitting spots, flower beds, chaise longues, and tables characterize and enliven the walk near the painted sea. 

With the large white letters “LIDO SAN PIETRO”, aligned on the edge of the terrace, we have underlined the name and original identity of the neighbourhood, giving back to the residential complex a flexible and interactive meeting place.


Tatiana Levitskaya, Sophie Turner, Eva Seijas, Daniele Cappelletti, Pietro Ambrosini, Alessandro Busana


Linkinart – within Artetra project, Emanuela Caronti, Giulia Giglio, Giulia Garbarini, Marta Rebora


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