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27:27 Maso Limarò

27:27 Maso Limarò  Site Maso Limarò, Italy Date 9-19 June, 2022 Host Maso Limarò, Sarche di...


27:27 Maso Limarò 

Site Maso Limarò, Italy
Date 9-19 June, 2022
Host Maso Limarò, Sarche di Madruzzo TN

Located along the river Limarò and its gorge, at the heart of the steep cliffs that surround the area, Maso Limarò is a peculiar mountain farm that offers a 0 km cuisine, growing a large part of the food on-site, where it is also possible to spend the night. The Camposaz intervention is located in the vegetable garden and, according to the needs of the client, aims at bringing visitors to the production site of the vegetables, to raise curiosity about the raw materials behind the dishes prepared in the kitchen. 

The structure settles in front of the greenhouse, occupying an empty space in the garden and it connects the regular grid of the allotments to the hydroponic garden area. The foundations are made of charred timber poles, in order to preserve the ground from concrete intrusions, and the main structure is fixed above ground to prevent humidity infiltrations. Designed as a room in the garden, the intervention consists of the intersection of two pergolas: the first one, parallel to the entrance path allows people to enter, rest, and interact with benches and movable furniture whereas the second one, perpendicular to it, is protruded towards the greenhouse, which will be reconverted into a workshop and performance area. The main character of the intervention is to temporarily change the space, giving the opportunity to the visitors to get closer to farming and agricultural practices. The path which leads to the construction is then linked to a panoramic cycle path along the Limarò gorge, so the room in the garden is open also to cyclists who could take a break and relax along their way in a shaded and quiet space.


Elisa Lorenzi , Valentina Comuzzi, Iveta Fiedlerova


Isabella Speidel, Elisabetta Zaccaria, Margherita Tezza


Asia Valencic, Gudmar Soderin


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