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The Rural Arena

The Rural Arena Site Castelletto Uzzone, CN Italy Date 4-14 July, 2023 Host Banca del fare...


The Rural Arena

Site Castelletto Uzzone, CN Italy
Date 4-14 July, 2023
Host Banca del fare

Promoted by Banca del Fare, the Rural arena is part of a larger series of interventions aimed at regenerating an ancient farm stay in the Alta Langa region in the municipalities of Castelletto Uzzone. The workshop’s goal was to design and build an outdoor stage capable of hosting a variety of events and representing a poetic bridge to the surrounding nature and landscape. By creating a semi-movable modular structure, the stage becomes a fluid space that, through many configurations, can serve several different functions. The modules, whose size is dictated by the necessity of storing them over the winter, can form an even platform or be stacked on top of each other to create a multi-level scenography. Two additional vertical modules are designed to host light and sound systems and work backstage during plays and events. Considering the privileged location on which the structure sits and its day-to-day use, some of the modules have been designed to serve as sitting possibilities – part of the flooring can be lifted to form a backrest – turning the stage into the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sunset.

Banca del Fare /STAFF

Laura Mannucci, Bastien De Simone, Aurora Faraci, Chiara Bonfiglio, Marco Indolfi, Gabriel Prepelita, Filipa Farreca

Tutors /Camposaz

Gudmar Söderin, Asia Valencic


Ana Vudrag, Iva Zmirak, Matteo Montecchia, Tommaso tartasi, Jasper Muylaert, Sophie Egervari, Dilara Schalenbourg, Paola Castellini, Monika Kantor



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