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S E A S O N 2 0 2 4 – vol.1

S E A S O N  2 0 2 4  -  vol.1   We are back!...


S E A S O N  2 0 2 4  –  vol.1


We are back! Perhaps a little late yes, but the season is looking full of workshops and interesting collaborations. Get your tents, sleeping bags, pencils and beer openers ready!  > You can find the VOL.1 here, May through July.

Calls to apply will open very soon, stay tuned!


Brief of the ws:

VICENZA | 39:39

29 May – 07 June

5 installations to promote slow and sustainable mobility, within 5 schools near Vicenza.


TRENTO 2.0 | 40:40

14 – 23 June

Within the “Trento city of volunteerism” framework, Camposaz was called to participate at the “Flowers in the Center” festival designing urban installations in 2 city parks.


SAGRON MIS 3.0 | 41:41

01 – 07 July

The collaboration continues! Once again this year we will have the opportunity to work within the framework of the LAPIS festival, in which architecture and art will intertwine to enhance the small village of Sagron Mis.

Hope to see u soon!

– Stay Cool stay Camposaz –