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ExSA | Softwearing spaces - The Dancing Tables Site Bergamo Alta, BG Italy Date 19-26 November,...


ExSA | Softwearing spaces – The Dancing Tables

Site Bergamo Alta, BG Italy
Date 19-26 November, 2023
Host ExSA

The 2023 season ended with an unexpected and marvelous collaboration: Camposaz was part of the tutor groups invited to the Software-ing Spaces Winter School inside the former prison and monastery of Sant’Agata (ExSA) in Bergamo Città Alta. During this experience, students and young professionals were invited to “collectively experience what it means to take care of a common good in an act of cohabitation and collective self-construction.”
In less than a week the group designed and created the “Dancing Tables”, a large modular table that can be combined and which communicates in its multiple arrangement possibilities with the project area, the Corridor between the former prison cells. The furniture was entirely built with recycled material and even the spare pieces generated lamps, noticeboards, and stools.
Today ExSA is one of the many realities that have inhabited the structure, which is about to become a large construction site that will change its function again.

All the designed furniture created during the Winter School has found a new home and the Dancing Tables are located in one of the common rooms of the San Vittore prison in Milan.

Tutors /Camposaz

Mariella Gentile, Tatiana Levitskaya 



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Thanks to Franca&Yona for contacting and bringing us to this unique experience, Giovanni, Giuseppe, and Ernesto (@so.no.societanomade) for their everyday welcome and care. A special thought to the passion and creativity of Valentina, Federico, and Mattia (@collettivofranco), Silvia and Anjia (@gerrillaarchitects) and Mascha and Licia (@constructlab) thank you for having cohabited and co-worked with Camposaz in @exsa_excarceresantagata for an unforgettable week!