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6:6 Nina’s tree house

6:6 Nina's tree house Site Rotterdam, Holland Date Jul 22-31, 2016 Host Rotterdam's Municipality People need...


6:6 Nina’s tree house

Site Rotterdam, Holland
Date Jul 22-31, 2016
Host Rotterdam's Municipality

People need individual, idyllic places outside of our busy world. Over-information, social media and high work pressure frustrate people in their search for personal balance. Therefore we practise yoga and meditation, we train in mindfulness and build tiny houses in our backyards. It becomes more and more clear; we are full, we need quiet spaces and places to regain our energy and find balance in our busy existence. On the unique and green Quarantine terrain, in the harbour area of Rotterdam, this necessity has been represented by an exhibition called ‘Quarantine, contemporary hermitages’. For 3 months, 24 pavilions, made by artists and architects, were exhibited on the terrain.

Camposaz was part of the exhibition and created woth an international team the hermitage called ‘Nina’s Treehouse’ in just 10 days. The pavilion serves as a place for contemplation. The concept of Nina’s Treehouse focuses on a multiple experience of the paradisical green environment. The hermitage is surrounded by an earthy bamboo forest, multiple grand trees and the

Maas river. By identifying these site specific themes, a strong concept was developed. On the triangle at the centre of the structure three themes come together; earth, forest and sky. Each of the arms of the triangle has its own theme, which will be slowly experienced while walking up through the levels. Subtly integrated features such as a swing, a bench or a frame that captures a certain view provide a moment of peace and at the same time give shape to the three themes. The highlight of the experience is provided by the last platform, offering views over the Maas river and the Rotterdam harbour. Nina’s Treehouse provides space for contemplation over three levels and thus creates a strong connection with its site.


Davide Tagliabue, Eva Seijas, Jonian Silaj, Manon Stadler, Maria Giovanna Sabatino, Nolan Golgert, Paul Schrijen, Peter Lee, Veronica Sereda, Violette Baudet, Emir Zupljanin.


Andrea Simon, Giovanni Wegher, Daniele Cappelletti, Tatiana Levitskaya, Mariella Gentile, Oliver Savorani, Margherita Vitale.


Sjors de Graaf, Tessa Bloembergen, Louike Duran en Maarten, Van Gent (Stichting Kunsteiland).

Thanks to

Rothoblaas, Gabriel Lenghel, Sebastian Apostol (photography), Ivo Verboon, Bas Gremmen.