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32:32 Brescia

32:32 Brescia Site Brescia, Italy Date 25 August - 2 September, 2022 Host Castenedolo, CampoNug BS...


32:32 Brescia

Site Brescia, Italy
Date 25 August - 2 September, 2022
Host Castenedolo, CampoNug BS

Campo NUG is an association that has the aim of enhancing, fostering, and welcoming youth generations and their potential. To do so, the association has taken over an abandoned natural space owned by the municipality. Camposaz in CampoNUG has involved 10 participants from different countries such as India, Iran, Netherlands, France, and Belarus together with members of the local community. Everyone took the chance to cooperate and develop two installations. The first one was needed to welcome visitors and guide them through the entrance of the area, whereas. the second is a space to support collective activities and performances on the other side of the entrance.

The idea started as a tunnel that welcomes everyone coming to visit Campo NUG, like the living room of a house. The participants decided to rotate the traditional “U” shaped tunnel to obtain a “C” shaped tunnel (platform-wall-roof) that brings the visitor on and gives direction to his /her footsteps. The roof is made of single elements opening towards the sky like needles toward the sun. At the same time, the platform has a trapezoid shape that opens toward the garden.

For this area, participants decided to create a scenography in the back to be integrated with the existing trees. The structure is lovable by itself since it can be used as an alternative walkway or playground. Different geometries in cladding create light and shadow re-calling natural elements as tree leaves or branches melting with the background.


Sara Belleri, Alessandro Betta, Marco Nguyen


Elisa Campanella, Federico Cresseri, Negin Fazelbakhshesh Ghooochan, Mathilde Garde, Mirte Jepma, Guangyao Li, Sumanth Mani Maurya, Lorenzo Marinoni, Lucia Silvestri, Anton Shturma, Leonardo Raviola, Morteza Rezai, Shiqi Zao


Luca Bianchini, Viola Bordet, Luca Dubbini, Wissam Fadlo, Simone Febbrari, Andrea Ghiselli, Camilla Marinoni, Caterina Marinoni, Mauro Marinoni, Arian Percallo, Aurora Pizzati, Alessandro Sbrofatti, Erica Scaroni, Daniele Scaroni, Giorgio Volonghi


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