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1:1 Urban living room

1:1 Urban living room Site Tonadico, Trento, Italy Date Sep, 2013 Host Tonadico's Municipality Camposaz is...



1:1 Urban living room

Site Tonadico, Trento, Italy
Date Sep, 2013
Host Tonadico's Municipality

Camposaz is a workshop that takes place in the village of Tonadico (TN) – Italy, in an area of great landscape value at the feet of the Dolomites. The aim of the workshop is to design and self-build wooden architectural objects for landscape enhancement. During the Camposaz workshop the participants are required to ideate and assemble wood constructions, following the thematic suggestions provided by the organizers and developing eco-friendly, practical and sustainable design projects. Camposaz is an initiative stemming from the collaboration between the Municipality of Tonadico and the cultural associations “Aguaz”:http://aguaz.it and “Campomarzio”:http://www.campomarzio.name. This small urban intervention in placed in the historic centre of Tonadico. In a previously unused and unnoticed urban corner the participants have built a stage-set for concerts and public activities. The aim of the structure is to provide a multifunctional and comfortable space, creating a gateway and an entrance to a picturesque staircase that leads towards a narrow alley. The new structure divides the urban space in two parts. Behind the stage there is a small urban living room with benches, table and stools.


Ani Arzumanyan, Matteo Busa, Angela Carpenter, Giulia Cerrato, Selli Coradazzi, Giacomo Fumanelli, Maria, Luisa Miotti, Magdalena Prus, Oliver Savorani, Daria Smirnova, Massimo Bertoluzza, Mariella Gentile.


Giovanni Wegher


Claudio Moz, Marco Scalet, Valentino, Luciano, Alessio.

Thanks to

Tonadico’s Municipality, Rothoblaas, Log House, R.C. Legno, HILTI, Aguaz.


L’auspicio è che queste opere vengano vissute, diventando luoghi di ritrovo e aggregazione, riportando alla luce due spazi da troppo tempo dimenticati, due luoghi centrali del vivere comunitario di Transacqua e Pieve. Un  grande grazie va dunque ad Aguaz e Campomarzio che anno investito tempo ed energie per organizzare e realizzare tutto ciò, nella speranza di poter collaborare ancora in futuro.

Nicolò Simoni

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